The Most Unique and Unusual Restaurants in London
september 21, 2018

Whether you're looking for world-class shopping opportunities, diverse cuisine or a range of historical and cultural attractions, you'll find it all in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of London. From garlic-laced puddings to fire-breathing sideshows, you’ll find plenty of weird wonders at some of the most unusual restaurants the city has to offer. Known for a range of diverse dining experiences, there's no shortage of unique restaurants to choose from in London.

Bob Bob Ricard

Enjoy the charming atmosphere and lavish interiors at this Soho restaurant. The menu features an array of classic British-Russian cuisine which can be enjoyed in private booths with the dazzling art-deco design. Each table comes with a “press for champagne” button so that you can enjoy a particularly boozy dining experience during your trip to the city. The main course features three-birds’ burger and chicken Kiev; while starters include venison tartare and chilled platinum vodka shots.

Rainforest Cafe

Located in London's West End, this fun restaurant brings the Amazon rainforest to life with tropical fish tanks, waterfalls and animatronics. This jungle themed restaurant is perfect for families, groups, couples and kids. Little ones will enjoy the sounds of lightning, rain and waterfalls as they catch sight of tropical fish and animals while enjoying dinner. The à la carte menu features classic favourites like burgers, Caesar salad, beer-battered fish, quesadillas and pulled pork.

Trader Vic's

For a tropical getaway, head over to the exotic world of Trader Vic and explore a fantastic range of foodie delights and entertainment. Cane chairs and traditional tiki carvings add to the sense of elegant South Sea dining, while island-style food inspired by French, American and Asian cuisine represent its Polynesian heritage. Start with a salad, soup or traditional finger food, and for your main don’t forget to try Beef & Reef (one of Trader Vic's favourite) or Scottish lobster.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Enjoy a quirky dining experience at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Hyde Park. This Michelin-starred establishment, which is consistently voted among the world’s best restaurants, serves the classic British recipes with an unusual twist. For example, try their signature Meat Fruit dish, where chicken parfait is presented in the form of a clementine. Other must-try dishes include Hereford Ribeye, Spiced Squab Pigeon, Rice & Flesh and Frumenty. Inspired by the modernisation of classic recipes, Heston Blumenthal's Dinner offers simple, modern dishes influenced by the gastronomic past. Make sure you visit with an open mind!


Nestled on the side streets of Fitzrovia, Archipelago is one of the most exotic and weird dining destinations in London. Golden Buddhas, giant peacock feathers and palm trees give the interior a quirky holiday vibe, but it's the menu which takes diners on an extraordinary culinary adventure. Signature dishes of seared zebra, African crocodile bites and kangaroo fillet are served alongside more traditional meats and fish. Archipelago indeed reaches out to adventurous diners with options like Love-bug salad and python carpaccio.

Bel Canto

Enjoy a melody and appetisers together at Bel Canto. This opera-themed restaurant in Bayswater Road offers classic French cuisine with a difference; here food is served by waiters performing classic opera. The classic French menu features Lobster Bisque, Smoked Duck, Fregola ‘Risotto’ and Braised Pork Cheeks; which is complemented by a great selection of French and Italian wine.


Located in Covent Garden, this Asian fusion restaurant offers an interactive ordering menu projected onto the diner's table, making it one of the most high-tech restaurants in London. At Inamo, you can choose from a collection of virtual tablecloths, place orders using a 3D menu, watch the chefs preparing the meal on the cam, play games with your companions, check out the local neighbourhood or even hire a taxi – all from the comfort of your restaurant table. The classic Asian menu includes prawn crackers, octopus takoyaki and sizzling szechuan tofu.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu is a South African-themed restaurant and bar in Stables Market, Camden. The vibrant decor features carved wooden murals, marble bars, beaded seats and a giant bronze statue at the entrance. Ostentatious decor, exotic grilled meats, unique cocktails and infectious foot-tapping music fills this venue with constant sound and excitement. During the evening, guests can enjoy classic South African music and dance performances, and traditional classics such as boerewors and bobotie are popular with diners.


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