Places to See in Idyllic Italy
december 4, 2018

There can be no doubt that Italy has something to satisfy every type of visitor. From its rich cultural heritage very much on display in Venice and immortal Rome, to the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi coast and the quaint architecture of Bolgna and Florence, the options are truly endless. 

Historic seaport, Genoa

The seaport town of Genoa doesn't get the quite the same publicity as some of Italy's more famous destinations, but that is one thing in its favour. This Italian gem won the 2004 European City of Culture back in 2004, and even a leisurely jaunt around will soon reveal just why. Its historical Mediterranean seaport, authentic Baroque architecture in the form of grand palaces, and towering churches crown this city with all the hallmarks of a cultural gem. It is no wonder that this birth place of world-renowned explorer Christopher Columbus is nicknamed la Superba or the Superb One by Italians.  

The Grandeur of the Amalfi Coast

The popular Amalfi Coast with its dramatic cliffs dappled with quaint fishing villages provides 43 miles of unadulterated magnificence. Delightful views can be enjoyed as you stroll along the aptly named Path of the Gods. The breathtaking panoramas that await you are well worth the extra effort as you experience vineyards and fragrant lemon groves along the way. The 10-kilometre trek will provide you with some truly memorable views as you walk this track that at one time would have been decorated with Roman temples to various gods of the pantheon. Each season offers its own beauty too, whether you decide to visit during the blooming months of spring which lasts well into the summer, or the wish to delight in the colours of autumn. Your trip to Italy wouldn't be truly complete without experiencing the wonders of the Amalfi Coast. 

The Delights of the Dolomites

North Italy's UNESCO-awarded Dolomites will stun you with glorious summits and mighty peaks of granite. As the sun sets, the fading light paints the whole scene in delightful shades and hues that no artist could rival. If the pleasure of this natural vista doesn't suffice for you, you can enjoy kayaking and whitewater rafting down the South Tylorean waters, where you will enjoy the drama of cascading waterfalls close up. For those seeking airborne entertainment, there is the possibility of enjoying the aerial views from the skies by hang-gliding and paragliding. The delightful Dolomites have enough to satisfy both those who like the quiet thrills of nature and those who thirst for an all out rush of adrenaline. 

Immortal Rome

It's easy to see how Rome has earned its rather august nickname as the Eternal City with its splendid buildings, which although largely in ruins today, nonetheless project a timeless spirit across the city, making it easy to visualise just how grand Rome must have been in its historical heyday. The options are endless. The Vatican and St. Paul's Square with its Egyptian obelisk, not to mention the masterpiece which is the Sistine Chapel are just some of the treasures awaiting the visitor. Then there is the much lauded Trevi Fountain with the imposing Triton-guided, gigantic shell-shaped chariot speeding through the waves in one of the most magnificent fountains in the world. Of course, the Coliseum stands out by its sheer size alone. You may just catch a distant echo of the crowds drifting down the corridors of time as you stand in the midst of this world wonder. The nearby Arch of Constantine provides a suitable backdrop to the scene as you imagine crowds passing through it toward the Coliseum to be entertained or to meet their fate. Apart from its ancient grand structures, Rome also enjoys a vibrant nightlife.    

The Original Venice

There are endless imitations around the world, but only the original really satisfies. Venice really does encapsulate the word romantic in every sense. from its famous waterways replete with gondolas, its picturesque bridges such as the Rialto, and its instantly recognisable square of St. Mark capped off with the splendid Basilica of San Marco after whom the square is named. Not to mention a host of other buildings flaunting much-photographed Baroque architecture. While gondolas are a must do activity for many visitors, some find that just taking the water taxis are a much cheaper alternative. It depends on your budget, of course. Either way, gently drifting down the Venetian waterways is a relaxing and rewarding way to see this stunning city.

All types of tourists are catered for in Italy, from history buffs to nature lovers to art aficionados to those who just want to experience the beauty of nature. No doubt Italy will leave you with many fond memories for many years to come

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