Marrakech - A City Guide
november 13, 2018

Marrakech is the perfect city getaway for all types of traveller.  The city is home to snake charmers, hidden palaces, and magic potions; it really does bring dreams to life in the real world.  Many adventures await people who travel to Marrakech.  The sun shines brightly almost all year round and cloudless blue skies with a slight breeze are the norm.  If you want to know more about this magical city, keep reading!


Marrakech is best when travelled on foot, but there are other options available to tourists.  The taxis are very cheap and can be used easily to get from the Medina (old town) to the Ville Nouvelle (new city).  These can quickly and easily be hailed on the streets, or you can book them from most hotel reception desks.  The buses of Marrakech are another option.  They may seem to be a bit of a free-for-all, but they are cheap and they cover the whole city.

History and Culture

Marrakech is one of four Moroccan imperial cities; the other three being those of Meknes, Fes and Rabat.  Marrakech itself was founded in 1062 by the Berber Almoravids, and it didn't take long for it to become the capital.  Many of the city's most famous landmarks date back to the Almohads conquest.  The history and culture of the Moroccan people can be seen everywhere you go, and it is definitely worth taking a tour that incorporates this if you get the chance.

Things to See and Do

As you would expect from such an amazing place like Marrakech, there are plenty of amazing attractions.  The Koutoubia Mosque is a must see. Towering over the labyrinth of streets and markets of Marrakech, the mosque is closed to non-Muslims, but the area around the mosque is a great place to have a stroll.  The Dar Si Said Museum houses some of the best arts and crafts of the Berber people, and is home to some of the oldest items in the country. The Saadian Tombs are another attraction that cannot be missed. Housed inside a beautiful building holding 66 tombs, all of which are beautifully decorated, the Saadian Tombs are sure to be unlike anything you have experienced before.

Eating and Drinking

Although most of the restaurants in Marrakech do sell Western food, it is worth trying some Moroccan food too. Nobody can say they have eaten out in Marrakech until they have tried a tagine.  These are usually a lamb or chicken stew that is slowly braised in a clay pot, however vegetarian tagines are also available.  The dish is commonly served with bread.

Many great restaurants are available for tourists or you can try one of the many street side barbecues.  Because Morocco is an Islamic country, it can be hard to find anywhere to purchase alcoholic drinks in the Medina.  Some of the hotels do serve alcoholic beverages, however, as do some restaurants in the new town. 

Places to Sleep

In high season, it can be nearly impossible to find any accommodation in Marrakech.  So, it is always a much better option to book in advance to ensure you get the room you need.  Marrakech is home to a range of accommodation options.  You will find a good mix of budget, mid-range, and boutique hotels and riads, and there are also numerous apartment and house rentals available too.


Although Morocco is an Islamic country, Marrakech has a growing reputation for its nightlife. The new town is home to many bars and discotheques which are popular with both tourists and the younger locals.  Music is the heart of Marrakech and it is, by far, one of the best places in the world to experience Moroccan music.  Theatres and live shows can also be enjoyed, so it doesn't matter if you searching for a quiet night out or a lively one, as there is something for everyone.



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