How To Take the Most Eye-Catching Photos Around Prague
september 21, 2018

It's no surprise that Prague is one of Central Europe's most photographed cities. It offers fairytale surroundings for the perfect romantic city break, whether paddling down the Vltava River or strolling through a city blanketed in snow.

In the age of social media and 20-megapixel camera phones, you will be forgiven for flooding your social media feed with photos of all the amazing sights in Prague but, as with any city, you should avoid the tourist traps and make sure you capture all the best sights, both famous and hidden. Here's the lowdown on where to get the most amazing photos in Prague.

A Photo Stream Across Time

One of the most obvious landmarks in Prague, you simply can't help admire the castle as you walk around. Passing along the 14th century Charles Bridge, stop to watch the street performers in period costume. You can snap a few photos and start your story about the historic essence of this charming city. Try an unusual vantage point from the little visited embankment beneath the bridge. Don't miss the chance to capture the Gothic and Baroque architecture that makes visitors fall in love with Prague's old town year after year.

The Tower Bridge of Prague

The amazing Bridge Tower dominates the skyline and you can climb it to get fantastic photos of the immediate surroundings of the old town. This viewing point is far too often overlooked by eager visitors rushing to get to the castle. Get into the spirit of Prague and take your time here, admiring the beautiful architecture that defines the city. Take a photo from behind the old wood-panelled windows to give a great sense of perspective as your lens peeks out to the city beyond.

Less is More

Ascend the hill to the Lesser District, which is overlooked by the magnificent Prague Castle. The name is more to do with the small size of this zone than its desirability, as this is one of the wealthiest parts of Prague. You simply can't miss the most city's most iconic landmark. You will certainly be tempted to snap a few photos of the fortress towering above you. High vantage points around the castle provide panoramic views of the whole city, with the old town below.

Swanning Around

When you have finished admiring the views, take some time to stroll through the Royal Gardens. The Terrace of the Riding School is particularly beautiful, showing the castle itself from one of the best angles. Once you have had your fill, descend back into town and head to Santa Maria Wharf. From this riverside spot, you will be able to admire the dozens of swans which glide along the river. Snap a few photos of these and you can add to your story of a King or Queen's experience of the city.

A Winter Wonderland

If you are visiting in December, you can walk along to the Christmas Market that's held in front of the Old Town Hall. This is an excellent place to really capture the spirit of the city's traditions, especially when the stalls and streets are covered in a sheet of powdery snow. Whatever the season though, climb the tower of the Old Town Hall at the core of its historic commercial district. Far too many travellers skip this one, thinking that a town hall holds little interest but it provides a great vantage point.

Street Art and the Sound of Music

Coming down from the top of the Old Town Hall look out for the famous Astronomical Clock on the building's wall. This curious device shows the current position of the constellations, the moon phase and other celestial wonders. Close to here is the Jewish Quarter, where you will often be serenaded by the sound of street musicians strumming their guitars. Vivid colours unique wall art make this a great spot for photography.

Shoot for the Stars

Now you've got a sense of Prague's historic districts, take some time to see the city's green districts. It surprises most travellers that Petrin Hill is actually the highest point in the city, not the castle. It's on the western side of the river and the tower soars above the treeline to offer magnificent views across this other side of the city. The secluded gardens of Petrin also offer plenty of opportunities to take unique photos.


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