Five Fun Activities in South Beach, FL
september 26, 2018

­Five Fun Activities in South Beach, FL

The sunshine and sand of Miami Beach might draw people in from all over the world for the best beach days and street parties, but easy access to the beach isn't all that South Beach can offer. There are plenty of options for those who are less interested in tanning, or while you're taking a break to avoid heat exhaustion!

Here are a few of the more popular activities to do in Miami Beach – and better yet, most of these are not age-limited or income-limited. There's lots to do without spending a fortune!

1. Shop or wander about on Lincoln.
No matter whether you're window-shopping or loading yourself down with bags, there are lots of things to do and see on Lincoln Road, in the well-known shopping district. It's a historic area and a pedestrian magnet, with no cars allowed for eight whole blocks of shopping. It seems to become more fashionable every year and is definitely the current hotspot for people-watching or shopping.


Must-sees depend on where your interests lie. Books & Books is a very well-known bookstore with a plentiful selection to occupy an afternoon, the Ice Box was approved by Oprah for unique cakes, and Lucky Strike lanes are an over-21 attraction after 9 PM, but this is just the start.


2. Take a day cruise or explore the water.
Rather than hanging out on the beach, try availing of the many tours and rental opportunities available by renting a power boat, taking manatee-spotting tours, scuba diving, snorkelling, seeing dolphins, and more. No matter which of these activities sounds most appealing, there are a few tour providers willing to offer each. Check with your hotel desk or the tourism office to figure out which is right for you.

The low-budget option might be renting a paddleboard or kayak. There are stands on the beach that rent them for self-guided fun, and others offer guided tours of the islands and keys.

3. Visit an art gallery for free.
For the arts-inclined, the Arts Center is a studio space where you can take a look at artists at work and see exhibits of their completed works without spending a fortune. Admission is actually free, which is perfect for anyone who wants to take a look at emerging and established artists. Other choices include the Rubell family collection, the Miami Art Museum, the Bass Museum of Art, and more.


There are plenty of choices, but don't forget the simplest options: arts festivals, sidewalk stands, and independent artisans. You'll see them everywhere when walking. Stop and say hi, and you might have a great chat with some of the entrepreneurial types that make up Miami Beach.

4. See a few museums.
There are plenty of choices for museums and everyone is bound to find something interested. The Wolfsonian displays propaganda art, the Bay of Pigs Museum is bound to interest the Cold War history buffs in the group, the Children's Museum offers little ones a great environment in an adult-oriented city, and the Railroad Museum is educational and fun at once.

For the adults, the World Erotic Art Museum has an unprecedented offering of erotic art objects and artifacts, one from the film “The Clockwork Orange” and others from historical or contemporary contexts. Plus, it's fun to tell your friends about!

5. Walk the Art Deco district.

There are walking tours for those who want to hear a historical perspective on the development and past of the Art Deco district, but you can easily explore it on your own. Tourism offices and some hotels offer brochures or pamphlets to help you out.

The buildings are unforgettable; over 600 art deco buildings exist from 5th to 23rd Street, so even if you only walk a few streets, you can easily explore a section of the district. These buildings will grab your attention, even if you aren't looking for them! It's an exciting look into the past and some areas really feel like 1950s America.

These are just a few of the possibilities for fun that doesn't revolve around the beach or clubs in the constantly busy South Beach district. No matter where your interests lie, you can occupy yourself for days with all that Miami has to offer!

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