8 of London's winter attractions and activities
januari 18, 2019

If you're visiting London, you won't be short of things to do, even on a wet  winter day. This buzzing city is teeming with attractions and activities that can be enjoyed in all weathers. Here are eight amazing experiences to start with, suitable for all the family, whatever the weather.

1. The Tower of London

Go back in time to the dark, grim world of Medieval England as you wind your way through this historic fortress. See the bare prison cells where inmates used to be held. Then, for a sparkly contrast, feast your eyes on the Royal Crown Jewels. You can also watch a dramatic re-enactment of the tower under siege, performed by actors in old-style costumes, who may even invite you to join in.

2. Madame Tussaud's waxworks

These lifelike models of famous people are very popular, so get to the venue early to avoid the daily queue at the door. There's a newcomer to the waxwork look-alikes that you'll probably recognize -- President Donald Trump, and you'll find some of his predecessors there too.

3. The Planetarium

As the lights go down and the stars come up over the auditorium, you'll forget you're in the middle of a city and feel you're floating in space. London's Planetarium provides an absorbing tour of our galaxy, and all we know of space, pitched for children and adults alike.

4. View from the Shard

Rise up above the busy streets and look down on them instead. Visit The Shard, the sky-high building of glass that tapers up into the ether. There's an elevator up and down, with stop-off viewing platforms from where you can see the whole of London. You can even step outside at level 72, if you have the nerve.

5. Riverboat trip (covered)

Take a relaxing trip down the River Thames in a covered ferryboat. Watch out for Big Ben and the splendid Houses of Parliament, and see what other iconic buildings you can spot - if you're not too busy admiring the spectacular bridges.

6. Buckingham Palace

Take the red road through the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the Queen's London residence, then enter the building itself - only recently opened to the public. View the grandiose staterooms, with their elegant furnishings and fine pictures, while royal family life goes on behind the scenes. Entry to the estate is by ticket only.

7. Kew Gardens glasshouses

You'll find plenty to enjoy at Kew Gardens. On a wet day, you can keep warm and dry in the gigantic glasshouses and imagine you're in a tropical jungle. The extraordinary, exotic flora will brighten any day. If the weather's dry, you can refresh yourself with a saunter through the gardens.

8. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Step into Shakespeare's world, or at least into a faithful replica of the theatre he wrote his plays for. This elegant, oak and thatch playhouse comprises a circular stage and auditorium. While the stage is open to the elements, the seating is sheltered, so you can look around or attend a performance in any weather. An indoor area has been added, with a second theatre and a range of exhibitions.  

These are just a handful of the numerous attractions you can enjoy in London, whatever the weather, so be sure to check out the rest, too, including the dazzling choice of museums, shows and music. A "London Pass" will entitle you to free entry to many attractions, so check this out before purchasing any tickets. It's also advisable to book in advance or turn up early, to beat the crowds and ensure a perfect day. You need never be bored in London.


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