5 tips to stay in shape during your vacation!
oktober 29, 2018

You have pushed yourself all year long in the kitchen and gym and finally it is time for that summer vacation you have been looking forward to for so long! Of course you want to look your best, but you also want to be able to enjoy your well deserved holiday.

There are some simple things you can do to stay in shape during your vacation!

1. Give yourself permission to eat more calories

Attempting to stick to your 'diet' or your healthy lifestyle as you are used to do at home is doomed to fail when you are on vacation. Or you have to constantly control yourself against all the temptations that are waiting, or you suddenly give in to those temptations where you eat so much that you get sick of it.

Instead of constantly tormenting yourself, it is much better to choose a middle way, give yourself the space for some extra calories and enjoy it. After the holiday you have plenty of time to pick up your healthy lifestyle again.

2. Take a good cup of black coffee for breakfast

Replacing breakfast with black coffee has a few advantages. The caffeine from coffee has been shown to stimulate fat burning, when you get out of the night's sleep and have no food in your body this effect is even strengthened.
A nice addition to coffee is also that it controls your appetite and stimulates your energy and mental alertness. So postponing your breakfast until noon is not as difficult as it seems!

When you are on holiday and would like to eat a heavy breakfast, you already have a large portion of your calories for that day. If you then go to lunch later that day and eat out again in the evening and drink the necessary cocktails then you will not be surprised that you are really going over your energy needs.

By postponing your breakfast and replacing it with black coffee you stimulate fat burning in the morning and later in the day you have a 'buffer' for extra calories.

3. Keep your first meal low in calories

When you are on vacation you usually get the most calories in the evening, think of dinner and the necessary (alcoholic) drinks. If you are aware of this, you can take this into account in advance. Try to postpone your first meal until noon, so you only drink black coffee until that time.

This first meal does not have to be a calorie bomb. Make sure that this meal contains a lot of proteins (piece of chicken fillet, steak, thin fish etc.) and relatively few carbohydrates. In this way you have room for calories / carbohydrates for later in the evening. This way you can enjoy your evening optimally while your caloric intake is limited.

4. Eat the things you really enjoy

How often do you happen to eat something because it happens to be in front of you, but you do not really enjoy it? Try to eat only things that you really want when you are on vacation. Baguette with herb butter in advance is always delicious, but do you really need this?

The same goes for a dessert. How often has it not happened to you that you had actually eaten well, but that you left the restaurant with a nauseating and bald feeling after dessert? You will have to show some discipline to leave these refreshments at that moment, but afterwards you will only be grateful for it.

5. Do not get too busy

The person who is most concerned with your appearance is you. For others it makes no difference whether you have an extra gram of fat or not. Of course you are more comfortable in your skin (literally and figuratively) when you are in shape, but in one or two weeks you will not really ruin everything that you have worked so hard for the whole year. 


So just enjoy your vacation and don't freak out over not fully implement your food intake like you do at home... Relax and don't stress, that's the biggest obstacle...

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