5 things you do not know about the Maldives
december 5, 2018

This island nation has always been on my “bucket list and i know i'm not the only one. The Maldives is a destination fast being added to many travellers’ holiday wish lists.

Maldives is a small country that consists of heavenly-looking islands spread all over the Indian Ocean.

Maldives is not only for the rich and famous

When i think of maledives i imagine a paradise so expensive that it's unaffordable to average Joe. A bucketlist illusion that likely will never come true, maybe only by winning the lotto jackpot.

But i had a totally wrong assumption and if you prepare well it is definitely way more affordable than you might think!

There aren’t any super cheap options for accommodation. You won’t find a  $5 a night bungalow on the beach like you would in Southeast Asia but if you compare and book in advance you can delight yourself with a beautiful bungalow for 200,- in a luxury resort on a private island. Also for only $30-60 a night, you’ll receive an clean, modern, and spacious room in one of the 300 budget guesthouses.

Maldives is made up of almost 1200 small islands

Can you imagine: this little country is made up of almost 1200 islands spread out across the Indian Ocean, just below India and Sri Lanka.

Out of these nearly 1200 not more then 200 are inhabited by people and mostly they are farming towns  and fishing villages.  Most people believe that all islands are shaped up by volcanoes, but there are several man made, like Huhulmale, the island closest to the main airport.

The Maldives is a muslim country

Maldives has the paradise tag on it with, but as strange as it sounds it is a strict muslim country under the sharia law.

This means alcohol is prohibited in places like its capital, Male and you can’t take any duty free alcohol in. You can however get alcoholic drinks at the private resorts so you don’t need to get nervous if you can’t go without.

Same restrictions apply to your bikini if you are staying on a local island. So dress modest and respect the local rules. You will find special “bikini zones”, where you can swim in your bikini or swimsuit, but you should be dressed in a conservative way when walking through the village to get there.

This does not apply to those staying in a private resort, you can wear whatever you want there!

Bioluminescence effect

There are a few places in the world where diving into the water on a moonless night is like diving into a sea of sparkling stars, Maledives is one of those places.

We all know that the sea in the Maldives is a jaw dropping turquoise colour, but not everyone knows that the sea turns out to be an electric-blue ocean. There is a natural phenomenon called bioluminescence, that happens when microscopic organisms react with oxygen in the water and produce light.

Underwater Dining

Think back on all the restaurants you’ve seen in your life. The nice ones, mediocre ones, exciting ones. How many of them where underwater? Not one, is my guess. And really, that needs to change.

Maldives is one of the only places in the world where you can dine underwater in several locations

Fully-transparent ceilings and walls allows you to see the sea life surrounding the restaurants.

The Maldives is a fascinating country to travel to not least because it’s only been possible to do so for the past couple of years. Now, guesthouses are popping up everywhere and offering travellers an affordable way to explore the country, so go go go…

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