5 Must-See Places to Visit in Munich
september 17, 2018

The Bavarian city of Munich is one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations and attracts people from all over the world with its history, culture and beer festivals. The streets are lined with picturesque and historic buildings, and the cafes and bars are filled with friendly local people. It was an almost impossible job narrowing the list down to just five things to see in this charming and lively city.

1. Marienplatz

Start your day off right by visiting the city's bustling main square. Marienplatz is the heart of the city and is home to the New Town Hall and many other historic buildings. Cast your gaze skywards to see the famous Glockenspielclock, which it has sat atop of the tower of the New Town Hall for over 100 years, chiming every day at 11 a.m. sharp.

The square is a lively and captivating place at any time of day, and no trip to Munich would be complete without wandering around the surrounding streets, taking in history and culture hundreds of years in the making.  

2. Museums on Sundays

Whatever you're into, Munich probably has a museum for it. The 'Alte' and 'Neue' Pinakothek museums house hundreds of masterpieces between them, and The Pinakothek der Moderne has several hundred more pieces of modern art to boot. If you're lucky enough to be visiting on a Sunday, many museums in the city run an offer allowing for €1 entry all day so you can cram in as many as you like without harming your bank balance.

If your idea of art is less Monet and more motorsport, then you can visit BMW Welt, a car museum dedicated solely to, you guessed it, BMWs. The entire range of the German company's vehicles is on display in this petrol head's paradise.

3. Bayern Munich

The Bavarian capital is home to one of the world's most successful football teams - Bayern Munich. Tickets to see the team play at home are rare and expensive, but if you do manage to get your hands on one you can enjoy the show in the impressive atmosphere of the 75,000-seat Allianz Arena.

If you can't get hold of tickets for an actual game you can always just pop along to a training session. The club runs regular training days open for public viewing at their base just a short train hop from the city centre.

4. Dachau Concentration Camp

While not technically in Munich itself, a trip to Dachau is too important to miss. Sitting just 10 miles outside the city, Dachau is a solemn and unforgettable experience. Visitors follow in the initial footsteps of the prisoners and visit all the features of the camp which became a prototype for all other German camps during WWII.

You can end your trip to Dachau by visiting the war exhibition and paying your respects at one of the many memorials to the victims.

5. Beer Halls

No trip to Munich would be complete without a visit to one or more of the city's beer halls. There are many dotted throughout the city, but the most famous is Hofbrauhaus. Most of the halls brew their own beer and offer tours which guide people through the process. Once you've got the educational bit out the way you can get down to the serious business of getting drunk.

Of course, Munich is also home to the world famous Oktoberfest where the beer halls take centre stage and many temporary ones spring up around the city. Whatever time of year you visit you can be sure to have a good time.

Munich is one of the most lively and characterful cities in Germany. Any trip to the Bavarian heartland is sure to be exciting and fulfilling. Whatever you're into Munich has got you covered. From museums and galleries to parks and beer halls, visiting Munich is never dull.  


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